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Going big - the benefits of using 4k monitors

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The biggest news in the electronic market this year has been the launch of new 4K monitors. The reviews received by these monitors have been quite mixed. While some have just loved this new invention and are recommending it for all viewers, there are others who feel that the utility of these monitors is very limited. To understand the limitations which these experts are talking about, read on.

Perfect For Big Screens

The vote in favor of these monitors when used in big screen sizes is unanimous. Almost everyone agrees that the picture quality of the images displayed on the big screens improve greatly when the screen comprises of this monitor. The reason for this improved clarity and sharpness of the pictures displayed is due to the high pixels present on these monitors.

Also, when they are placed in top league big television sets, the backup provided by these television sets to the monitor is also great. This perfect combination of monitor and excellent television backup helps in producing really sharp and clear images with high resolution and contrast. But this advantage is restricted to big television and multiplex screens only.

Bad For Small Screens

Many experts feel that as the size of the screen reduces, the advantages of this 4K monitor also diminish and hence, using these monitors on small screens is not a smart decision. The reason behind this is more biological than technical. Biologically, it is possible to determine the average distance between the eyes and the screen (of varying sizes) at which best vision is possible. In this experiment the vision of the person is considered to be normal, which is 20/20. Therefore, if the screen size is 24 inches, then for a monitor with 720p the distance at which perfect picture will be received by the eyes will be in the range of 7 feet to 40 feet.

This distance goes on reducing as we increase the pixels and the screen size. Therefore, for a 2160p monitor the best view will be available in big screen. Our viewing distance is normally not more than 7 feet in our homes. Therefore, at this distance, for a 4K monitor, the perfect screen size would be above 100 inches. This size is not affordable for everyone.  In case of smaller screens, the picture quality would get lost.

There is no way that even in the coming years, monitors of such big sizes will become popular for home use, hence the importance and use of 4K monitors is quite limited.

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