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How to earn money Blogging: Five Popular Post Formats

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Due to blogging platforms like Empower Network, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, increasingly more entrepreneurs, web marketers, and content creators are attempting to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

With the amount of bloggers in every niche how would you stick out? How would you expand your audience and obtain more sales? How can you produce a following of people that know, like, and trust you. It is sometimes complicated to shake things up in your market if you don't have a plan. These 5 post formats are really simple to implement. Incorporate these five popular post formats so that you can generate income blogging.Affiliate Marketing


How come the introduction so important? Why would you worry about this subject? Well, let me tell you. People might stumble across your site and have an interest in your site. They might not know enough about yourself. That's where you introduce these phones your brand. Introduction post answers the question of who you are.

It explains why people should worry about your needs, your subject, and what you are selling. Inform you of that your brand meets their requirements. You may also put calls to action you might say to interact the future prospect. This explains why they ought to engage you.Make Money Blogging

Allow me to Explain to you

The how-to is the most common article type. The how-to is a good approach to establish yourself as a possible authority within your niche and native market. Convey information after which distribute this content through email, social media marketing, pdf sites, video, and dare I say it direct mail. The major search engines like how-to's and they are very popular. Use your expertise to ensure success with this particular format.

I Have a Question

FAQ's are great methods to answer your audiences queries about your brand. Few post respond to your questions. FAQ's show up with select search engines like google. There is certainly less competition in this field. Get started by answering questions that you may have regarding your brand. Maintain the newbie in your mind.

To obtain a good read ask those that have no idea your niche to read your FAQ's to see if your message is transferable. Will they understand? What can you have to change?

I Like Pictures, Graphics, and...

Info-graphics really are a hit. They work in social media marketing. Everyone loves graphic content. It is not difficult, simple, quick, and will also be liked, shared, or repined. Do info-graphics excel on search engines like google? The jury continues to be on that. But going viral together with your info-graphics are only able to strengthen your brand.

Car stereo

Shoot a quick video or create a podcast like a post. You don't need to have text constantly. Just like sports sites demonstrate a video with small description that you can do exactly the same. Your site links towards the video and your video links back for your blog. Perform the same with your podcast.

Action Steps

You have five formats that can be used now. Adding these formats in your post and websites gives your audience fresh prepared to keep them engage. Utilize all these formats one or more times each month. Cause them to become apart of your marketing strategy.

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