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Arizer Air Review

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Arizer Air Review - The Arizer Air Vaporizer is a compact, cylindrical vaporizer to help you vape more proficiently than ever before! This powerful model includes a ceramic heating unit in addition to glass stems and Lithium-Ion batteries which are interchangeable! The Arizer gets one hour of use per charge and is used while charging, unlike other models. Regardless of where you are, as long as your Vaporizer is charging, you can vaporize.

This model is so compact also that it could be easily slipped right into a purse or right into a jean pocket. This device includes a hard shell to aid protect it from punctures from damage and possesses multiple vents to keep air cool preventing overheating. A basis around the heater provides added protection to ensure that when in use, the environment Vaporizer is always an appropriate temperature rather than hot. Best of all, this model gets hotter in 2 minutes or less, so that you don�t have to delay too much time for doing things. Arizer air vs arizer solo

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