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MyanmarTill the End of the World.

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Adopted in the year 1947, the Burmese national anthem which spreads the material of One Nation up until end of the World, speaks volumes regarding the richness and heritage of Myanmar. Flanked by countries like India, Bangladesh, China and Thailand in Southeast Asia, the Republic from the Union of Myanmar or Burma is often a country full of scenic, beautiful and must to visit locales. Using the Bay of Bengal and also the Andaman Sea making up its coastline, Myanmar is surely a country to visit. Myanmars early civilization and culture is abundant in history, intriguing and effective at gripping anybodys interest.
Prehistoric and Historical Significance
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Burma, is not just rich in imperial history but in addition holds great prehistoric significance. Burma is believed to have shown evidence of the existence of the Homo erectus and the Homo sapiens. Remains of Plant life and animals from the Neolithic age have already been excavated, including remains in the Bronze Age and also the IronAge.Myanmar has been reigned over by way of a great number of kingdoms starting with the Pagan Empire in the 1050s to the Mongolian annexation dividing the nation into small kingdoms. Then being reintegrated through the Taungoo Dynasty, which made Burma the biggest empire in the whole of Southeast Asia inside the 16th century. The short growing Konbaung Dynasty that has been spreading its rule over Indian states like Manipur and Assam, took Myanmar under its wings from the 19th century. Like the rest of the world, Myanmar too was to catch the British attention at some point. And the 19th Century gave way to this premonition and Myanmar had been a British colony after three Anglo-Burmese wars. Nevertheless, a protracted and persistent battle for freedom was achieved in 1948 when Burma became an independent state.
Blemishes associated with an Annexation

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Burma, is not only rich in its prehistoric and imperial history, but has witnessed significant development through the British reign. Habitually when one writes or mentions in regards to a country which served as being a colony to a foreign power, the fabric mostly relates to its adverse outcome instead of the improvements. Up to it sounds boastful the period of British rule in Burma saw the initialization of many developmental concepts. This reign not only united the small kingdoms of the united states together but also paved way for great cultural, economic, political, social, educational and administrative progress. A brief history of Myanmar is drunk with wars and battles from the ages of the pagan empire for the British annexation. But what catches a persons vision is that with every war the historic and cultural price of Myanmar has amplified giving the tourists of today an opportunity to experience the richness with this country.
Tourism Industry
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Though a very new visitors destination, Myanmar travel industry is slowing but gradually etching an indication in the tourism sector. A scenic country once ruled many kingdoms, still treating its scars from political trouble, Myanmar will become a leading destination pulling many crowds.

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