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Most of us have thought about what is astral projection. Astral projection is the conscious presence inside the astral plane or fifth dimension, a dimension of nature which is beyond the three-dimensional world identified by our physical senses. There, neither weight nor distance are present.

Our consciousness has numerous abilities which are dormant however can be come to life. One of them is the capacity go out with lucidity from the physical body and do astral travel.

The most common way of visiting the astral dimension is throughout sleep: all human beings visit while the body is sleeping. When the physical body is asleep, we go to the astral dimension with the astral body, a body just like the physical, nevertheless made of energy, which moves at terrific speed, such as a thought. In astral world we can cross walls and float.

Astral projection is actually an advancement from lucid dreaming. Astral projection or astral travel means that we move through the astral dimension at will. When we finally learn to abandon our physical body as you desire and enter the astral dimension consciously, we are able to with angels or masters and we can obtain secret lessons for our personal improvement. In that dimension you can study our own troubles, our foreseeable future and also past times.

However, to have all that information we have to turn into practical and leave theories apart. Some individuals may have an innate ability to astral project, although the great majority of individuals really need to train and start doing to be able to go consciously in the astral dimension.
Astral projection methods can be really simple and available to any person. These approaches have to be practiced with faith and concentration.
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