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February1 of 2013.

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I am going teach adults... i am so excited!


Click here to listen to my


  1. Becca's Mom (Guest)
    Good luck today! We are so excited for you and very proud of you!


    Mommy :-)
  2. Ms. Laidler (Guest)

    You were such a great teacher. I think most of the teachers will take it back and teach their classes!

    I was so happy to meet you and will be sure to tell my class all about your session.
  3. Ms. Magiera (Guest)
    Becca, you were amazing at TechTalk! You are a terrific teacher and all the adults learned so much from you. Thank you so much for letting us all learn from you!

    :) ,
    Ms. Magiera
    Teacher from NTA
  4. Ms. ZF

    You did a magnificent job at Tech Talk! I am so proud of you and know that you helped teachers see how they could use with their students.

    I LOVE how you created a blog post in advance to show them how it was done. Way to show your smarts!

    People are talking about your blog all over Twitter and are very impressed with your fabulous technology skills. Thanks for taking your learning public and showing the world that first graders can do anything!

    Thank you for presenting and I hope you have a marvelous weekend. Love you!

    Ms. Z
    • Rebecca (Guest)
      I love your comments. Now I have 18 instead of 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. @mquintos (Guest)
    Bravo..! Great job
  6. Holly from Orlando (Guest)
    This looks cool! (Or should I say it sounds cool.) I have never heard of "" before. Now I need to check it out.
  7. Mrs Bisaillon (from Virginia) (Guest)

    This sounds like it was such a fun project. What a great thing for you to be the teacher!

    Mrs. Bisaillon
  8. Ms. Lirenman (Guest)
    Hi Becca, I'm a grade one teacher in Surrey, BC, Canada. I just love that you shared with teachers! I learned about from another teacher, and then I shared it with other teachers including YOUR teacher. I love what your whole class has been doing with it. If things work out as they should we might get to meet face to face and maybe you can teach me about another one of your favourite apps. I am hoping to get to your city and visit YOUR classroom. I'm super excited. Keep up the awesome learning and teaching.
  9. Ms. Rome (Guest)
    Hi Becca,
    You are an amazing teacher! Congratulations on your great project! Your teacher, family, and principal must be so proud of you!

    Ms. Rome
  10. Ristow (Mrs. Ristow's Class) Ristow (Mrs. Ristow's Class)
    Hi Becca,
    I'm a fourth grade teacher in Illinois. Thank you for sharing with me! I can't wait to share what I learned with my class.
    Mrs. Ristow
  11. Mr. Miller (Guest)
    This is really cool and you are a very good speaker. I am a school principal from Lethbridge Alberta Canada. Keep up the great work. I'll add to my list of tools. Thank you.
  12. Louise Robitaille (Guest)
    Thanks so much for sharing. I loved it!
  13. Ms. Ruder (Guest)
    I wish that you could come to teach my 3rd grade class in Missouri how to use You are so passionate about your technology! Keep up the good work!
  14. Lisa Lee (Guest)
    Dear Becca,
    I loved learning about from you! I teach Kindergarteners to read in North Carolina and I'll be sure to share it with them. You are an inspiration! Keep dreaming big, Becca!
  15. Michelle Wallace (Guest)

    Great job! You are a great speaker! Thanks for introducing!
  16. Mrs. Kappel (Guest)
    Thank you for teaching me about Croak it. I can't wait to use it with my students.
  17. Ms. ZF

    Your post is going global! Congrats on being a connected learner! Way to go!

    Ms. Z
  18. Ms. Leech\'s Class (Ms. Leech\'s Class 2012/13) (Ms. Leech\'s Class 2012/13) (Ms. Leech\'s Class 2012/13) (Ms. Leech's Class 2012/13) (Guest)
    What is Croak It? asks Avaani. She would also like to know if it is fun. Do you like using Croak It?
  19. Mrs. Auld (Guest)
    Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me and the other teachers about CroakIt on Friday! You've convinced me how easy and fun it is to use. I'm sure my students will love to use it.
    Thanks again!
  20. Sloane F. (Burley 208 2012-13) Sloane F. (Burley 208 2012-13)
    Hi Becca! Wasn't TechTalk awesome!? I hope you had so much fun. I was really exited to and happy that instead of the teachers teaching us, we got to teach them. What was your favorite part about TexhTalk? Mine was teaching the teachers. Hope you had a lot of fun!
  21. Amy R. 6th grader (Guest)
    Wow Becca I bet you know a lot about croak it so much it seems like you an expert so you it was your turn to be a teacher.
  22. Gustavo C. (Burley 208 2012-13)
    I liked your croak it and we are proud and we are aswell as you guys
  23. Ms. ZF

    I can't believe you have so many comments! You are really teaching people about job!
    • Becca S.
      Hi people.

      I like your comments. Thank you. It was fun reading the replies. i had fun teaching

      bye bye REBECCA
  24. Mr. Kovacs (Burley 208 2012-13) Mr. Kovacs (Burley 208 2012-13)
    Holy smokes, Becca. You're sensational. I was impressed last Friday when I saw you sharing your thoughts about Croak.It, and am now doubly impressed. I see comments from young and old learners, all of which are genuinely grateful to you for sharing your ideas and thoughts. Nicely done!

    Mr. Kovacs
  25. SidhakD (Mrs. Wideen's Blogging Maniacs)
    I like your croak
  26. Benito (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13) Benito (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13)
    • Benito (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13) Benito (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13)
      hi how did you get all of thes comis and i all rteno thet
  27. David (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13) David (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13)
    bacca wi do you hav so moch comments
  28. Mrs. Betts (Guest)
    Hi Becca.
    I'm a grade two teacher in Surrey, British Columbia. I am a friend of Ms. Lirenman's. I read your blog about and listened to your explanation! You did such a fantastic job that I wanted to try it with my kids. I tried to download the app but couldn't find it. I was so disappointed. I will keep trying. Keep sharing your learning!
  29. Grace C.
    Good good job !!! Becca I love your blog! It lucs so so so good!!! Grate job becca
    Love grace too becca from grace! N
    • Ms. ZF
      Such a nice comment Grace! You are a good friend.
  30. Grace C.
    Good job becca ceepe up the good wrok I love it becca
    Too becca from grace
  31. Jahaziel G. (Burley 208 2012-13) Jahaziel G. (Burley 208 2012-13)
    I like how you are getting lots of post
  32. Matteson (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13) Matteson (Mrs. Ruckes' Fantastic First Graders 12/13)
    mq-have you louse a toohe
  33. Alexa L.
    Becca your blog is fantastic you are a star at blogging and I LOVE!!!!!! your sound in croak it! Be awesome like this every day. you rock!
    • Ms. ZF

      What a terrific comment for Becca! You rock and I'm sure she appreciates your feedback!

      Keep it up you two!

      Ms. Z
  34. Alexa L.
    Thank you ms z you rock to at tiching
  35. Team Croak (Guest)
    Hey Becca,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that you're sensational! We love that you love our app. Keep croaking!

    Cheers :)
  36. Rachel Pierson (Mrs. Pierson's Class) Rachel Pierson (Mrs. Pierson's Class)
    Hi Becca! I loved hearing how excited you were to teach to adults! I am going to show more teachers how exciting it is to use, and maybe they will take it and use it with their students, too!

    Keep on learning!
    Mrs. Pierson, Waukesha, WI

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