I went home today thinking that there was some connection between everything. I thought and thought but I could not think of an answer. Then it hit me, ONE. You might be wondering, ONE? So here is what I think. I think that to be one with earth that we have to know that everything is one of a kind. But we are not acknowledging that. It's like we're killing it when we make things that are clones of each other because they are exactly the same no difference between them. They are just the same thing witch does not keep the pure uniqueness that we should have. I think that we have to keep everything we make to one of a kind and I hope that God will know this and that he will keep with us. I am not saying that we should move backwards but that we should acknowledge that we are one with anything and everything. Please consider that there is more to life then cloned computers and cars and whatever is out in the world. Take the time to get off the man made things and go to the outdoors and be at one with God and planet earth.