Dear Board of Supervisors,

I'm India. I knew that the library was coming but I didn't know much about it. I do know a little bit more now, because we had a quest speaker come to talk to us, and I understand better why you wanted to make a new library.

When I first came to Crozet, I liked it because it seemed like a small old fashioned kind of town. I really liked that, but lately it hasn't been like that anymore. There seems to be construction everywhere I look! I know that the spot is ready to have the library there and we need to have a bigger library but I still want the old library to stay. My favorite place to go in Crozet was the library. I loved going there because it was small, cute and cozy. I knew at least one person in there every time I went. I also knew the librarians. I really like them and I particularly don't want more to come. The library is an awesome place, everyone loves it!

If we do build a new library soon, please,  please,  please,  please,  please,  please,  please,  please,  make it like the old one, comfy and cozy how we like it. The old one is warm, cute and has good little places where you can sit down and read. That is something I love about it!

Sincerely, India