Well, this week in L.A. we thought about our thoughts. I know, it sounds weird, but it was really fun!

  • First, we made individual thinking maps. They showed what we were doing in our head when we told someone "I'm thinking". That was cool!
  • Next, we got into groups of 3 and used everyone's map to make a bigger one with all three of our thoughts on how to think.
  • And finally, we made THE THINKING MAP! Everyone came together and we put a huge piece of paper on the wall, and everyone put up words (verb words) that described thinking.That was super-duper, fantastically and completely, awesomely, awesome!

There were words like hearing, seeing, working, creating, and listening! It was all very inspiring (which was a word on the thinking map) and it was definitely one of my favorite Language Arts classes ever! I never really thought about what was happening in my head, but now, after that one class, I can't not think about my thinking!

There were a few phrases too, and one of them was Working together. I think, in our class that's a big one. We all think on our own, but our whole class is a very good team.

Another phrase was predicting (what if...) when you are reading. I have always been doing that, but I never noticed I was until now!

Listening and learning were both up there, but there very self explanatory, so I won't tell about them.

Two main things I think we do as we think is asking, wondering. We ask questions, wonder things (even though we don't always say them) but we do. If we didn't ask questions, we would never think!

                                       Inspiring, understanding. asking, wondering, creating, seeing, hearing, working, listening, learning, predicting, believing, THINKING!


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