It takes contemplating.

It also takes understanding.

What I am talking about is a "Silent Chalk Talk." A "Silent Chalk Talk" is when you all sit down and stretch your mind out by brainstorming what you think, and then writing it down on a big piece of paper. You do all of that silently. We did one about thinking.

We were basically thinking about thinking. We were all using a lot of metacognition. Metacognition is when you try to think as deeply as you can about whatever subject that you are thinking about. This is mainly what I think about what we did. I think I have enough boring stuff on this page. Now it's time to make it fun!!!!

Thinking is like a field. It is BIG. There are so many possibilities that you could choose. Each piece of grass that stretches from that earthen ground is like all of the words that you could choose to examine. It leads to numerous paths of creativity. This field is where you can be yourself. Where you can make your own decisions. What do you think that thinking is like?

Thinking is like an ocean. It keeps going until it reaches the land. It is free. You never know what is going to happen. An underwater volcano is like you coming up with a great idea at the very last second. Don't you agree?

Thinking can be crazy. Or it can be sophisticated. I would prefer it to be crazy. (It's more fun that way) Is your thinking crazy or sophisticated?