Have you ever had the idea that your mind is like a filling cabinet? Do you really think that's true? Did you ever try to find out where all of your memories go? Could you loose them like deleting them from a computer?

Well, you're mind is like this in a way. Just not exactly how it may sound. You're mind, like mine, is like and some way different like a filling cabinet. (But not exactly, like I said earlier)

OK, lets say you're going to remember reading this, You're eyes pay attention to the light difference and turn them into electricity.(not the kind to power the computer) The electricity is stored in your brain in a special pattern. So if you would like to look back through those files, you see the memory, but your mind sees signals from the electricity!

This is how our mind works! A lot of electrical currents! But, our class made a mural of how our brain thinks.

Look at my brain chain.