This technique can be proved useful when trying think deeper into the solution of things. Like when reading if the character does something you don't understand, you could look back or try to think about what you have been previously reading. You will be trying to find more information, and will try to have a greater understanding. When you find a reason for the characters baroque act you just EXPANDED THE PROBLEM.


You have a situation were you need to use or find information in your job. Say if you were a banker and a man walked in and wanted to see how his money has grown and you tell him it has grown 25% in the last month. You could think by the end of the year, and the current month was January, you could tell him that by the end of the year his money would have grown 300%.


A little boy is looking out a window at the black night sky, he is contemplating the stars. He wonders about what the stars do up in outer space. He wonders and wonders, and contemplating like an eager bee looking for honey. Contemplating means wondering while very relaxed.


While reading the book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret, I thought deeper and tried to figure out would happen next. HYPOTHESIZING is when you try to think what will this character do next or something like if I take this train I might be a few minutes late and if I take this one I might be a little early.

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