Dear Board of Supervisors, 

My name is Noa and I'd like to tell you that it would be very nice to keep the library we have now, I understand that there are some issues with the small library and that it can get crowded. I also heard that the maximum is 50 people, I can't argue, that is a small number. But, every time I go to the library it isn't crowded.  

If you're worried about parking, that really isn't the major issue with the library. Some people live so close to the library they can walk to it. Others might be doing something across the street from the library like finishing up a slice of pizza at Crozet Pizza and just walk across the street. Most people just park at Over the Moon bookstore and walk across to to the library if the parking lot is full.  

The library is in a great place too. Every time I finish dance I always go to the library and get a book. The library is in the perfect spot. Here's a question for you, will the spot you want the library in attract more or as much attention that it does now? Can the possibilities be that the spot that it's in would actually be the best for it?

Another question. What will you do with the library we have right now when the new one is built?  No wrecking balls? Right?

Yours sincerely,

Noa K.