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New Bike New Adventure - Discover More 2015 Round 2

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This really is my application submission for round two Harley-Davidson Discover More 2015 competition.

So, I simply test rode the bike that I`ll travel around Europe with and it was awesome. After realizing a limited-mile dip into and out of Bartel`s Harley wouldn`t be enough, I went over to Eagle Riders and rented one for the weekend! Holy shit, it absolutely was a great weekend. I visited find a few places that I`ve only heard of and every turned out better than the last. I went on some epic roads that swirled up mountains and along beaches. I met some cool riders with an old stagecoach stop, went cliff jumping, and saw a spectacular sunset atop a peak. Discover more 2015

To be honest, I was excited and nervous for the new bike`s weight from a Sportster. But getting on it simply felt right. With my camping gear, tunes, 6 gears, and room and muscle to spare for a passenger, this bike was ideal for a long haul. I used to be unphased by cracked pavement, sharp turns, and gusty wind. Since the bike gained momentum, so did I. Once I dropped off the Harley Street Glide it had been like saying bye to an old friend.

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