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Sorry that no posts have been published this month - we are experiencing a few technical problems. Please keep checking in and fingers crossed that normal service will be resumed very soon!

Thank you for your patience.

Mrs Jones

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This week we held another of our Walk in Wednesday events and this time we covered our Maths Curriculum.  Thank you to all those who attended and took part so enthusiastically in the activities. We are really delighted with the high numbers of parents and grandparents that attended.

Don't worry if you were not able to come along as the Fun with Maths booklet sent home in each child's book bag contains lots of information about the assessment levels we use, lots of games and activities you can play at home together and an overview of the skills needed for children heading to Year 1.  We hope you find it useful and informative and will help you support your child at home.

Next week we shall be taking a closer look at recycling, reusing and reducing waste so don't be surprised if your child suddenly demands to have a root around your blue recycling bin and starts switching the lights off!!!


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We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week by, amongst other things, finding out what animal of the zodiac we were born under, saying a few words in Mandarin, making Chinese hats and decorating our very own class dragon.  We ended the week with a huge parade around school which gave us the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year by saying "Kung Hei Fat  Choi".  To round it all off, we came back to the classrooms and enjoyed a fantastic Chinese Takeaway Feast from Aroma on Beverley Road.  We tasted seaweed, vegetable spring rolls, chop suey, special fried rice and prawn crackers.  For some children it was the first time they had used chop sticks but they all gave it a really good go and pretty much wolfed down all the food! Oscar is an expert at chop stick control! We hope the children will be able to demonstrate their chop stick skills to you at home as we gave them each a pair to take home and keep.


So from all the children and staff in EYFS we wish you health, happiness and harmony in the Year of the Goat.





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This week we have been impressed by how many children have taken what they have been doing and learning at school and have continued to develop and improve their skills at home.  We have seen lots of impressive reading, writing and maths as well as excitement and lots of talking about how they love learning - well done!

The highlight of the week was Albert's film about his trip to Amsterdam.  He confidently introduced it to the other children and we all enjoyed watching out for the many forms of transport he used to get there and back.

Here he is presenting it and if you click on this link,, you can watch it too.

Next week, we are focussing on aircraft and on Friday a real life British Airways Air Hostess will be coming in to talk about her job!

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What a busy week, we have been invaded by a swarm of pirates!

It began with the children creating their own pirate ship using cardboard boxes, they worked together as a real crew to create a wheel, a treasure map and all of the essential pirate accessories such as hats, telescopes and swords. However, so many children wanted to be involved and become a part of the Bricknell crew, the pirate ship had to be up-scaled. The adventure playground turned into a huge ship with children firing cannons, a homemade pirate flag and even children walking the plank!


This learning has linked nicely with our transport theme and has encouraged lots of engagement inside as well as out. We have had tyre track paintings, model cars using wheels and lots of bookings made at our travel agents. Lots of the children have wanted to go to Australia this year so get saving up mums and dads!

We have also been looking at engines this week and have found that lots of the children are hoping to be engineers when they grow up.

Things have been busy in the literacy area with our reading bus making a stop and the children becoming part of the experience by taking turns to be the driver and making tickets for the passengers on board. The bus ran to a strict timetable with some children being fantastic bus conductors by ensuring it made all of the right stops.

We have also enjoyed being part of our maths groups this week and really challenging ourselves by working on different areas of number such as number recognition, one more and one less and doubling and halving numbers. It has been fun to try to solve some tricky maths problems and the children have been working really hard.

We look forward to expanding our transport and pirate themes next week and hope our book choice will inspire the children...Pirates Love Underpants!