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Wherever You Are: Train! #make4DLDay

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It's Digital Learning Day on February 5th.  Some of us are excited to share what we do digitally and not. We've been reading articles in Junior Scholastic, Scope, and Choices Magazines. We've asked good questions, noted our responses, created graphic organizers, written summaries with supporting ideas, and are preparing speeches. For Digital Learning Day, we are creating summary images with cut-out characters. How? Directions here.


Note to Students: include these in your own post: image, summary, and conclusion that connects your summary and image. Use expected tags and categories.

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Exercise is important for healthy living. I read in Scholastic Choices, September, 2013 on page 2: "Just So You Know: Score! Training Tips from Super Athletes" to learn what the experts say.

Because we need at least one hour of moderate or vigorous exercise every day, super athletes like Evan Longoria, Swin Cash, and Amanda Beard suggest these tips to find time for exercise to "keep your game:" 1) Evan says do stretches while standing in the lunch line; 2) Swin suggests cross-training to work different muscles; and 3) Amanda encourages visualization of your finished workout to push you "off the couch!"

Therefore, wherever you are, find a way to train! Don't just stand there in line or sit on the couch. Stretch. Lunge across the room. Do jumping jacks during the commercials. Like the athlete in the image, if you're standing around, do stretches! The experts suggest these and more. So-- get your game on and move!


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