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Building a list - The way to Generate Leads Using eBay in 5 Simple Steps

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Building a list - The way to Generate Leads Using eBay in 5 Simple Steps

eBay is the world's largest online marketplace. Millions of people buy and sell good through eBay everyday. So if you're surprised the best way to generate leads from eBay, I will tell you ways should you follow these 5 simple steps.

The primary idea would be to give you a product to market on eBay. You could offer it literally at $1. but whether find it or otherwise, you can use the sale to generate leads. Here's how. how to generate sales leads

1. Create an eBay account: Visit the eBay site and make a free are the cause of yourself. Within your account, it comes with an about me page that you simply need to write carefully.

2. Generate opt-in box code: You'll need an auto-responder to generate this. if you're already one, use that. Else you should use GetResponse or AWeber or other of your choosing. The code that it generate, you need to add it to the about me page on e-bay. You might want to add a free of charge gift offer in exchange for the e-mail id and name from the prospect.

3. Create your eBay ad: Use any HTML editor to make a nice website to your ad. Make two parts to this page. The first part ought to be the free gift that you have make the opt-in box. Link this offer for the about me page on e-bay. The 2nd part should be the actual product you're selling. This can be a simple info product like "how to lose weight naturally in 30 days" or "how to make $10000 in 15 days using Forex". Info products and the way to guides are extremely popular products on eBay. When you are adding your ad to eBay, add it beneath the right category.

4. Run the ad for 30 days: This could cost you just a little but within Thirty days it is possible to generate a lot of leads. All depends on how attractive you get the title and the body of the ad. For uploading the ad to e-bay you can use software like Turbolister which can be entirely on e-bay itself. how to generate leads online

5. Create your auto-responder series: Your info product could be a 7 day course or even a 5 day number of informative tips about the topic of your option. When people opt-in to your free course, you need to send them that course. So it is better to obtain it prepared ahead of time and hang up it up within the auto-responder.



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