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Expanding on Google Sniper - 5 Easy Strategies to Increase Your Google Rankings

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Google Sniper X
George Brown's Google Sniper product launched on October 15 of 2009, and it has been achieving a very high amount of sales since its release. It possesses a start-to-finish system for creating websites to generate money online. Though this is not a Google Sniper review, I want to cover a point the system will not provide its readers with, and explain ways to plug this gap.

The building blocks of Google Sniper involves picking low competition keywords, creating highly themed happy with excellent on-page optimization, and pre-selling your visitors using a review or story. As mentioned in my Google Sniper review, George goes into a great deal of detail on each of these topics. However, the system revolves around the assumption that your chosen keyword's level of competition is low enough that you will rank naturally without engaging in any link building.

Choosing keywords that accurately is not easy to do, as anyone with any experience in internet marketing can tell you. Often, a Google Sniper site created by a newbie will land around the second or third page of Google, which rarely sees enough visitors to get any sales.

So, how do we fix this problem?

The best solution to this matter is to simply build links pointing in your site. However, due to George's aversion to link building, he only discusses this on a cursory level in Google Sniper. Adopters of the system may have difficulty finding ideas for building links, so I've included a brief primer here as such.

1. Social Bookmarking: George covers this well in Google Sniper. It is worth noting that most bookmarks usually do not pass page rank as a result of no-follow tag.

2. Link Wheels: Here is the procedure of creating articles or content on various Web 2. properties including Blogger, Vox and Weebly etc. with links pointing back to your web site. They are made into a "wheel" of link juice by linking each property to the next, until finally linking the very last property for the first.

3. Profile Links: Many high pagerank sites allow users to create personal profiles on their own site, and quite often include an area where you can place a link. MTV.TED and are excellent samples of this type of site.

4. Commenting On Blogs: This requires searching for relevant blogs and posting a comment, utilizing your keywords to your name and placing the page you would like to link to within the URL field. It is important when you are performing this to really look at the post and make a very good, relevant comment, otherwise the comment will most likely be deleted.

5. Article Submission: Write high-quality articles and submit these to reputable article directory sites. These directories will assist you to add a authors bio box at the conclusion of this article where you could link back to your site. Along with offering you an effective link, article directory sites will frequently allow you to generate additional traffic because they usually rank very well in the search engines.

With all the 5 techniques above, you must be able to boost your Google rankings significantly, even on competitive keywords. With this particular knowledge, you've now filled the only real major gap inside the Google Sniper system, and you're ready to accept internet by storm. Get to building those sniper sites and acquire your slice in the pie!

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