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Once upon a time Flat Penny and Sam travelled to  London. They wanted to see the sights so Flat Penny drew some cash. Do you know what currency the people in England use?

With the money in their pockets they decided to travel to Buckingham Palace. Sam chose to travel in a London taxi.



















Flat Penny wanted to catch the big red bus. She wanted to sit upstairs in the bus.





















Sam and Penny arrived separately at Buckingham Palace. They quickly went to a London phone box and called each other.



Then they met in front of Buckingham Palace.


There were lots of tourists all wanting to see the Changing of the Guards. Flat Penny and Sam had a perfect view.

Then Flat Penny and Sam ask a policeman where the Queen is and if they can meet her.

The policeman said they should go and ask the guard in front of the Palace.  So Sam did just that.

The guard said the Queen was out and NO visitors allowed. So Sam and Flat Penny went and bought postcards with pictures of Her Majesty to send back to South Africa.

 Then they went to see other sights and sounds in London. They met lots of nice and interesting people on the way.



They loved London and now want to travel all over the world.

The End.








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Hi to our new friends in South Africa.

Flat Spot arrived safely in Salem,  Massachusetts  just north of Boston. He is visiting a small city of about 42,000 people located on the Atlantic Ocean.  The Phoenix School is very small.  We only have 25 students in grades K-8, ages 5-14, so we are like a great big family.  Our school is not set up in separate classrooms, but it is divided into learning areas where students of different ages work and learn together.  Here is a video that will introduce us to you.  It was taken before Flat Spot came to visit so we look forward to sending you pictures of things he might do at our school and in our city.

Phoenix K-3 handshake

We have two school dogs names Sadie and Toby.  They are 13 year old golden retrievers, both rescue dogs who have been with us about two years.

On Mondays I am not in school because I baby-sit for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, but when I am back in on Tuesday, we will begin to have Flat Spot tour our school and area and add to his blog page.

Right now Flat Spot has been relaxing after his long flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Mrs. Sargent, but I am called Betsye by my students

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Today I am learning how to play Pokemon is Ms. Lirenman's class. Her students are really good teachers. They are teaching me well. Did you know that it is actually a math game.



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This morning one of the students in Ms. Lirenman's room read with me during community read. It was pretty neat to see all the parents come into the classroom with the children.