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I choose this image because it looks like a sun and I like the sun. I would follow this philosophy because it is a fair philosophy.





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Jamie connects her passion for music with her passion for social justice.

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What is Cancer? How does it start?

Cancer is a disease that you can die of if you get it. Many people has cancer, you can get really sick. Cancer is a disease that starts to control your cells and  spread to other parts in your body. Cancer is not one disease it is many diseases. Most cancers are named by the organs they destroy.

 There are more then 100 types cancers. Here are 5 of the most common:

1. Breast cancer

2. Brain cancer

3. Eye cancer

4. Heart cancer

5. Lung cancer

If you want to know more kinds of cancer you can click here.

The most common cancer in woman is breast cancer and in men it is prostate cancer. The  chance of dying from breast cancer is 1 in 36.  In the United States it is more common for women to have cancer than men 

How people get cancer:

For example, you can get cancer if you smoke because the bad smoke gets in your lungs, the thing that happens with your lungs is it gets in your lungs and it gets hard for the person to breath and the smoke is like gas that bad to breath in. You should eat mor vitamin D, train  protect your self from the sun, don't eat so much sugar and drink much of water.You shouldn't eat so much red meat, food that has low fibre, salt and pickled food, if you do it can cause cancer. Alcohol can cause cancer too. That's not good for your health. You should eat vegetables, and citrus fruit and high fibre. There is also something in some food that's called dyes that makes the color of candy and ham and other food.


How people treat cancer:

If you do radiation therapy then your hair will fall off your head. For you that dont know what radiation therapy is I will tell you now what it is.Radiation therapy is a thing that does so it doen't hurt if you take away a tumor sickness that's not cure analogue.  Radiation therapy does so nothing else comes in your body after.

 Cancer survivor:

You can be a cancer survivor, that means that you survived that cancer type you has or has. There is 11 million American people that survived cancer. There is more  2.8 million people in America that survived breast cancer now.

Cancer surgery:

When the cancer has comes to other places in your body before the operation so is it impossible to fix it. Sometimes doctor can check systems for exaple spinal or bowel obstraction. This is called palliative treatment. If surgery is possible , it is number 1 before other treatsment. Sometimes the surgery need to wait until the other treatments is ok to shrink the tumor.


Swedish Cancer Society:

In Sweden there is two Foundations that is Cancer Foundation and Children Fund cancer. You can send money to them so kids and adults that have cancer to have a better life or maybe if you cant pay an operation or Rays you can get money from other people that is participating in the funds.


 2 Celebrity that has cancer:

Steve Jobs and Olivia Newton had cancer.


Questions and thoughts:

If you get cancer what would you think? I would think " oh no help me I am gonna die!"

How many people have cancer? Answer:13,028,000 people have cancer. That's many people. There's 379,000 children from 0-19 years old that has cancer that's many people too. I feel sorry for them.

Don't you ? I hope so! Do you know someone that has cancer? I know two persons, but they survived.


Sources cited

National Cancer Institute
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That's all about cancer!

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Tomorrow my schools Christmas holiday. Now I am going to tell you about things we did in term 1. The first day off school after the summer holiday we tried in pair to do a tower with spaghetti and marshmallows. It was fun. Then did a voice tread about one of our relative, I wrote about my great grandma. We also went to yogogi  and asked people about some picture what they thought about that fashion because before me and my friend took and print 17 pictures of some fashion. We also had literacy week. The last thing we had was a performance. The performance name was Celebrate you and me.

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child marriage

In Yemen, families are marrying away their young children for money. I think this is horrible and I hope it ends soon. If this never stops, I would faint.


Video by Human Rights Watch


These parents are selling children to bad adults they don't know very well at all. The girls families force them to marry the men.

Most children that get marred are under 15 years old and die. The parents need money so when they marry away the children they get money. It's like selling them into slavery.  The younger the girl is and the older the man is, they can get more money.

I think that people should do something about it to make them stop.

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