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In amazing feat of science, surgeons save a child's life by 3D printing a new heart!

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3D printer is a good thing I hope. If I had a 3D printer I would print food, iPhone cover, earrings and stuff. I would be so happy. It will change the world maybe because you don't need to go and buy food you can just print it out, so that will change the world I think, you don't need to go and buy anything I think.

Can be people use it for good as well as evil?    I don't hope so, its not good if a person print a gun or something else bad.

Can it print real money?   Does it print real Diamond? That would be so cool! How did the inventor make the 3D printer?

The bad thing about 3D printer is it cost so much money like 250000 yen I think, that's to expensive right.Another thing that's bad too is that you can print guns.

Here  is some facts from wikipedia about 3D printer:

"While 3D printing technology has been around since the 1980s, it was not until the early 2010s that the printers became widely available commercially.[3] The first working 3D printer was created in 1984 by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems Corp.[4] Since the start of the 21st century there has been a large growth in the sales of these machines, and their price has dropped substantially.[5] According to Wohlers Associates, a consultancy, the market for 3D printers and services was worth $2.2 billion worldwide in 2012 up 29% from 2011."

This earrings are made  by a 3D printer.

This is a 3D printer



These headphones were made with a 3D printer.

This is a video about 3D printer.

Today in school I saw that the 3D printer can make cakes, that's so cool right.

The inventors are so smart. I want a 3D printer so much.

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What do you think of the video above?

Is it easy to setup?

Is it worth that much money to buy?

What would you make If you ha a 3D printer?

How would it effect your way of living?

When I first saw the process of printing 3D stuff I was so amazed Its like a miracle It can help people a lot and It can make the world a better place, we can make food make parts that help us do stuff. But then i thought people might use it for bad like illegal gun parts or dangerous weapons .

I really think 3D printers are awesome and It would help poor people by printing food for them.

If if had a 3D printer i would print stuff like headphones

or decorations like

This is a picture of a decoration I would make if i had a 3d printer

3D printing will definitely change peoples lives a lot like the same way printing did.

10 fascinating facts about 3D printing is a great article that shows fact and features that you have to know about 3d printing

In the link below there is a article that tells you the history of 3D printing

history of 3D printing


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So there is a thing called 3D printing and its one of the best inventions ever! You can print absolutely ANYTHING with it! I want this thing so bad but its 2200 dollars (250000 yen).

If it becomes popular I definitely think it would be popular because its just so good and you can make anything with them right now! You could make jewelry, clothes, key chains, iPhone cases, supplies and more! This invention is really useful for a lot of people.

iPhone case that the 3D printer made.

Guitar made by the 3D printer

Necklace made by the 3D printer





If I had one I would mostly make decorations and maybe school supplies like pencils and sharpeners. I would also make nail polish if its possible and a case for my iPad. It would be so cool if I actually had a 3D printer.


Here is a video about 3D printing.

In this video it shows how it helps a lot of people and how it can impact the world.

I definitely think that this invention will have a huge impact on the world and people's lives will become easier. You might even print food in the future! Real and edible food! Right now doctors, NASA and other jobs use these so it could change the world a lot. Most people are and will use it for good I think but I saw in an article that someone was making a gun already and he was breaking the law. Doctors are creating skin, ears, noses, kidneys and more which can save peoples lives and that is great! I love this invention so much but its too expensive :(


Here is a link where you can buy 3D printed stuff. In this website you can order 3D printed stuff and even design your own! This website is great!


3D Printed Food

Here is another video about how 3D printers can change the world.

In this video it shows how 3d printers are useful and have an impact on the world and it also shows how it works.


Here are some other websites about 3D printing. These websites are good for ordering 3d printers or just checking them out.


I really love 3D printers and think that they are very useful and it should be more popular.

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