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Posted by: Cole Tags: Categories: Blog February 6, 2013 @ 7:38 AM 2 Comments      

EDcamp was the best thing that we could of done in the whole year. I suggest that we do it again because of these things. Some people did not move from one to another. One bad thing is that  some people changed class every five minutes. The funniest and scariest thing when doing EDcamp is when you are the one who is performing. Don't be afraid to try it. It is totally worth it. The worst thing about EDcamp is that there are only 15 minutes in each section. If we do it next time I hope we will be able to have the sections longer.

Posted by: Alyssa Tags: Categories: Blog February 5, 2013 @ 10:12 PM 1 Comment      

I think that EDcamp went well. I think that people could not move around so much. If they choose that room they should stay in there  What I saw is that some people would sit in there for one minute and leave and not give it a try. Then they would come back five minutes later. Also they would shout out when it was not the time to speak.  But, some people would come in and stay and not switch. I think some people had some great ideas to teach. Overall I think that we would be able to do it again.

Posted by: Vanessa Tags: Categories: Blog February 5, 2013 @ 9:30 PM 1 Comment      

Edcamp went pretty well overall I think we might be able to do this again. The trainings I went to I thought were very good. I learned a lot. If we do this again, this time I hope I will teach something. Some kids were teaching stuff but I think that some kids were fooling around too much. Maybe those kids shouldn't be able to teach anything. I like how some were very funny and interesting. Also I think some kids should rehearse before they do it because some kids were stuttering and using filler words. This was a good experience for me and other people I'm really glad we did this and I can't wait to see if we are going to do it again!!!

Posted by: Atira Tags: Categories: Blog February 5, 2013 @ 8:13 PM 4 Comments      

Ed Camp was fabulous. I went to Makenna's and Phoenix's horse session. The first thing I liked about their session is they demonstrated different ridding  steps . Then, Makenna told us about her new horse Matty, and her old horse. Lastly, Makenna talked about the different shows she went to (she won her saddle in a big show in Texas)! I also went to Jordan, Alyssa, and Koral's session on gymnastics. Alyssa (the class's  very own gymnast,)  demonstrated a move, then Koral and  Jordan would repeat; sometimes they would have us do a move. (By "us" I mean everybody besides me). They did hand stands, cartwheels, and back flips. Alyssa did a cartwheel with no hands (a very difficult gymnastics move). The very last session I went to was Taylor's session on computer game making. First he told us the website, Then, he told us all about the different characters and how to program them. Lastly, he told us how to record sounds. Overall it was the best Ed Camp ever, and I hope we do it again.

Posted by: Caylee Tags: Categories: Blog February 5, 2013 @ 7:56 PM 2 Comments      

Ed camp is a learning activity we did in my class. The first thing I went to was jack's minecraft learning activity. He did a abundant job on teaching, but most of the kids were paying attention. The second session I went to was dance lessons. They did a great job on teaching but I think us watchers should've danced a little. The third session I went to was the second minecraft activity. Emad did a awesome job at teaching. I got to help because he was losing it a bit. The third session I went to was gymnastics. Alyssa was a great teacher. She had people doing a sorts of tricks. Over all I love Ed camp!