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Zoo Trip

Categories: Blog November 12, 2012 @ 2:08 PM 12 Comments      

Today our class took a trip to the zoo we were walking and Mr.C fell in the gorilla pit!It was funny the gorilla started chasing Mr.C and took of his pants he had heart shaped boxers we all laughed.We left the gorilla pit Mr.C found a alligator and started poking it with a stick after it was a bloody mess.then Francisco came back with no shirt on he said he was being stupid and throwing rocks at a rhino and it ripped his shirt that's what he said he was actually modeling  for the zookeeper.Then we were about to leave but Jason was missing Mr.C told jasmine to find him but along came the zookeeper and threw her in the monkey cage with Jason and she started yelling for help but the door was unlocked the whole time.


  1. stumpteacher (Guest)

    I enjoyed your story about Mr. C falling into the gorilla pit. Hopefully you all learned some lessons about proper clothing for zoo trips as well as appropriate behavior while in the midst of African animals such as the rhino.
  2. Holly from Orlando (Guest)
    I hope everybody had their permission slips properly signed by their parents. What a trip!
  3. Joy Kirr (Guest)
    Oh, my! Your sentences come so quickly it was hard to keep up! Have you read The One and Only Ivan? Even Ivan didn't have any memorable days like this one!!
    Keep up the creative writing!! :-)
  4. Mrs. Melton (Guest)
    Yikes, they put Jasmine in a cage? I wonder what the zoo keepers were doing during rest of this field trip. Keep up your creative writing, and thank you for sharing with all of us on your blog!
  5. Holly from Orlando (Guest)
    Braydon, I must tell you that Mr. C and I were tweeting last night and joking around. He said that he was very glad that he was wearing SOMETHING under his pants in your story. We had a good laugh. Thank you for writing down your funny ideas. Keep it up!
  6. Paul Bogush (Guest)
    I would love to read about more details about any one of the things that happened. I needed more details to put a picture in my head of what was happening so that I could feel like I was there with you...and MrC's heart shaped underwear.
  7. Mr B (Guest)
    I'm glad the gorilla didn't get close to Mr C. I remember staring at a gorilla at the Calgary zoo. He really scared me and my kids with the sound he made against the glass as he tried to get at us.

    Had to laugh at the thought of Mr C being chased while wearing heart shaped boxers! Need to hear a bit more about Francisco though. He has a story to be told!
  8. brooklyn (Illinois) (Guest)
    Did mr c relly fall into the goilla pit?
    • brayden (Guest)
      yes in fact he had heart shaped boxers
  9. brooklyn (Illinois) (Guest)
    I relly enjoyed the part wen the gorria chased mr c.
  10. Brandon Brandon
    That's funny.Especially the modeling for the zoo keeper part.
  11. Francisco Francisco
    That wasn't funny about me modeling but it was kinda funny

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