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A Surprise Trip to the Zoo

Categories: Blog November 12, 2012 @ 2:08 PM 40 Comments      

Today my class took a surprise trip to the zoo.the trip was was the best trip I've ever experienced in my life so far.

While we were walking on the sidewalk on top of the gorilla cage Mr.C fell in the gorilla pit.The gorillas didn't like him so they chased him all around the cage.When they finally reached him they started beating him up.It was funny.

When he got out we went to the alligator pit. That's when Mr.C picked up a stick and poked the alligator.The alligator didn't like Mr.c so he gobbled him up.I ran to the zoo keeper and Francisco was there.I told him Mr.C was gobbled up by an alligator. He didn't believed me so he left.

While we were waiting for help to come Francisco came back to the group.He didn't have a shirt on.We asked him what had happened.He said a monkey stole his shirt ,but what had truly happened was he was modeling for the giraffe.The giraffe didn't like Francisco because he was too short for her so the giraffe chased him.

When our bus came we were just about to leave when we noticed jason was missing.We waited for one more hour when he finally showed up.We asked where he was the whole time.He said two hippos were fighting over him and chasing him around the zoo.

After that zoo trip i never wanted to take another trip too the zoo.I figured it was dangerous.


  1. Miss Mac (Miss Mac's Busy Bees 2011-2012) Miss Mac (Miss Mac's Busy Bees 2011-2012)
    Wow, Brandon, this zoo sounds extremely dangerous. Are you sure you were not on a safari? I loved all the excitement in your story.

    Miss Mac
    2nd grade teacher
    Birmingham, AL
    • Brandon Brandon
      Thank you ma'am.
  2. Brayden Brayden
    I agree thats a really good story better than mine.
    • Brandon (Guest)
      thank you Brayden yours was pretty funny to.
    • Brandon Brandon
      Thank you Brayden yours was pretty funny and awesome.
      • Mrs. Melton (Guest)
        I enjoyed reading both of your stories. I think it is really great that you read each others' stories and commented. Sharing and talking about your writing will help you keep improving; keep sharing ideas, too, and being creative.
        • Brandon Brandon
          Yeah i try to encourage friends.
  3. stumpteacher (Guest)

    This was a really exciting story and I especially like your attention to detail in the way you described each part. What advice would you give to younger kids travelling to this zoo to make sure they stay safe and have a fun time?

    Mr. S.
    Chicago, IL
    • Brandon (Guest)
      I would tell them to stay away from the alligators and gorillas because they're the dangerous ones.They will beat you up then swallow you.
  4. Mr. Jasper (Mr. Fox Period 8)
    Sounds like a really interesting zoo! I really liked the attention to detail in your writing I felt like I was there with your class! Keep up the good work on your blog!
    • William Chamberlain William Chamberlain
      its interesting but still dangerous
  5. Joe (Guest)
    I enjoyed your sense of humor! Nice story!
    • Brandon Brandon
      Thank you some of my other friends have some funny ones too.
  6. Mrs. G (Guest)
    I think that's the wildest field trip I've ever heard about. What an exciting day you had. Keep up the great storytelling.
    • William Chamberlain William Chamberlain
      it was wild and fun except a teacher was gone.
    • Brandon Brandon
      It was wild.I thought i would never see home anymore.
  7. Ms. Nations (Guest)
    Fantastic story, Brandon! Keep up the good writing!

    Ms. Nations from Mobile, Alabama
    • Brandon Brandon
      I'll try.
  8. Mr. Pumphrey (Guest)
    I really enjoyed reading this story. I like the way you acted like it was a true story and made the reader figure it out. Any sequels? Maybe about class post-Mr. C?
    • Brandon Brandon
      Thank you.
  9. Eva (Illinois) (Guest)
    I like your story it was funny.Did that really hapen? Im in second grade
    • Brandon Brandon
      No it didn't really happen.If it did I would not have any more cool teachers like Mr.C.
  10. Andrew (Illinois) (Guest)
    I like your story. It was funny. I am in 2nd grade
    • Brandon Brandon
      Thank you.
  11. Kelis (Pride 19) Kelis (Pride 19)
    It was a funny story.
  12. Skye (Pride 19)
    Your story is so funny.I hope Mr.C is ok.Did Mr.C relly fall in a gorilla pit.
    • Brandon Brandon
      Yeah.I couldn't help it when i was laughing
  13. nick (Guest)
    that is the best zoo ever
    • Brandon Brandon
      Yeah it is.You should go there sometime.
  14. nick (Guest)
    that is the best zoo ever
  15. Devin from new york (Guest)
    this is a very funny post
    i love a good laugh from a blog post every once in a while
  16. Mr. Jasper (Mr. Fox Period 8)
    Wheres the zoo, it sounds like a fun time! Next time, you should invite us. This sounds like one interesting zoo :D .
    • Brandon Brandon
      Yes I'll try to remember that I need to invite you.
  17. Paul Bogush (Guest)
    I don't believe that an alligator would gobble up Mr C...something tells me he tastes a bit sour...I also can't believe you responded to all the comments on your post! You are a great example to me to follow on my own blog.
  18. cheyanne (Guest)
    love your post its very funny
  19. Aaliyah (Guest)
    awsome post make me proud with more Bandon
  20. Elijah W (Mrs. Geldes 2013) Elijah W (Mrs. Geldes 2013)
    awesome job
  21. Luke G (Mrs. Geldes 2013)
    I liked the part when jason was misssing.
  22. Jordan A (Mrs. Geldes 2013) Jordan A (Mrs. Geldes 2013)
    So theres gorillas, alligators, giraffes, and hippos!?
  23. Andrew M (Mrs. Geldes 2013)
    thats a cool and dagours fun ZOO.

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