Final task of English

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Hello my name is Alaitz and here you can see the final task of English:

Sea adventure hero's memories


1.Marvels of the deep blue sea
2. Watersports



3.Vocaroo: The history of Michael Seaney

Audio recording and upload >>

4.Vocaroo: History of Ines and Alaitz

About Cristopher Colombus

Voice Recorder >>

All started in 1942 when a navigator with the name of Christopher Columbus decided to travel to the India. He wanted to show that the Earth was round. When he undertook the trip, he discovered a large tract of land and he thought that it was a monster. In that great extension he found some Indians. He was impressed with their customs, traditions and quirks. It was very hard for him to decide to stay or return to Spain and demonstrate that the Earth was round. Cristopher Colombus decided to go, but proposed to some Indians

to go to Spain with the idea of showing the reality. The Indians agreed but with a condition: to return someday to their village.

Ok, this is all we hope you liked and understood


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