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Hello I’m Alba Puebla and I going to present the final task of the unit 5 of English in which I create some thiglinks, I’m recording a story…

First the thinglink about:

Marvels of the deep blue sea

 Now the thinglink about:




Here I going to present my vocaroo in which I record a story about Michael Seaney.

Audio and voice recording >>

Finally I create a story about Ponce de León

One day Ponce de León around March of 1513 was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. When the waves stopped he saw land. But he didn’t know if it is an island, or a peninsula… so he started to row onto this stranger land. When he arrived this land he put the name of Brimini island, and he started to live there with a very intelligent and funny indigenous.

The vocaroo in which I record my story. 

Audio and voice recording >>
Ok this is all, I hope you likes and understood

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