Sea adventure hero´s memories

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Hello ,my name is Ángela

First I prsent my thinglink of "Marvels os the deep blue sea"

Secondly I present  my thinglink of "Water sports"


Next I present my vocaroo of  " the monster of the sea"

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And finaly I present my vacaroo of " The best admiral in the world "

Cristobal Colon was to the port and saw a lot of marines. They went in boat to the India country but in the middle they saw and island with a lot of indigenous. Cristobal Colon liked this country and lived there for a long time. He converted in his king and put the name of America to this country in 1492.Years later he returned to Spain with the marines and a lot of people of America. He converted in the best admiral in the world.


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I hope you liked 

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