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Hello I’m Angy and I going to present the final task of the unit 5 of English  in which I  create some thiglinks, I record a story…

First the thinglink about:

Marvels of the deep blue sea

Now the thinglink about: Wastersports

Here I going to present my vocaroo in which I record a story about Michael Seaney.

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Finally I create a story about Cristobal Colon

One day Cristobal colon found in his cereals a map of the tesure . Some years later it went to look for the tesure. When it came I inspire love of an indigenous young woman that I marry and it had three children. Cristobal colon had to return to Spain to end his studies when it ended them it returned to meet again with his wife.

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Ok this is all

I hope you likes and understood

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