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Hi: I’m Aroa Garcia  And I going to present the final task of the unit 5 of English  in which I  create some thiglinks, I’m recording a story, and I invent other stoy. But first I edit a photo in the thinglink: Marvels of the deep blue sea.

Now the thinglink about:


And now I do a vocaroo of the history about Michael Seaney:

Finally I invent and record a histotory about Cristobal Colón:

One day colon going to China, by the Atlantic Ocean and suddenly saw that there was something in the distance and drew closer but a few yards away he stopped because he thought that the thing he had seen in the distance was a shark but until they came and saw it was what they called land the Spanish

Okey this is all I hope you liked and understand. Bye Bye

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