Sea adventures hero’s memories

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I’m Belén Ruiz, and I going to sow you my final tak of english “Sea adventures hero’s memories”

To start I show you my photo in where I compere the diferent animals of the sea. I do it with the thinglink.

Now I sow you me second thing link. Is water sports. Here I sow how I do the sentences in the photo. Here you have:

And now me recording about Michael Seaney’s story.

Here you have the recording of the vocaroo.

A great day


The final is a poem about Chistopher Colombus:


Christopher Columbus put on his coat,
took friends and some money and went on a boat.
"To Asia I go", he said,
but in America he was arriving by mistake.
They was meeting new people and was trying some food.
"Wow"- they shouted- "these potatoes are good!"
We got cocoa, and pumpkins and beans,
they got coffee and oranges. What a great deal!


Ok, this is all.

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