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I’m Judit Rodríguez. In this post I am going to present the final tasks of the unit 5 of English At Sea.

Firstly you can see my thinglink about the Marvels of the Deep Blue Sea.

Secondly you can see another thinglink about the Watersports .

Next you can listen my Vocaroo in which I explain the Michael Saney's Story.

Voice Recorder >>

Finally you can read and listen  the story of Cristopher Colombus.

Cristopher Colombus was a very important explorer because conquer America. One day in a trip Colombus was to and island with his friends and families in a boat and when in the route his friends were reading a book and he was sailing the boat, there was a very big storm.  Suddenly Colombus and his friends and families survive and arrived onto a desert land. Colombus discover this land and put the name of America. In the end when the families were playing, the friends were reading and Colombus was sleeping because he was exhausted.

Audio and voice recording >>

This is all.

I hope you liked and understood.

Bye, bye.

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