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I'm Lucía Guerra, and i going to sow you my final tak of english "Sea adventures hero's memories"

To start i sow you my photo in where I compere the diferent animals of the sea. I do it with the thing link.


Now I sow you me second thing link. Is water sports. Here I sow how I do the sentences in the photo. Here you have:


And now  me recording about Michael Seaney's story.

Me title is Monster of the sea.

Here you have the recording of the vocaroo.

Online recording software >>

To final this, I sow you me story about and Spanish Explorer, I write about Christopher Colombus.

Christopher Colombus in the year 1492, went with his crew to discover new lands for Spain, he reached after two months ago proximity. Suddenly they saw land! A green land! He listen music and with his crew, started dancing a lot. When the night went down they had dinner and then they went to sleep. The next day the saw an island, and they tried to discover it. When they went on the island they saw a cave and they enters trough it. In the cave they were natives and they chase it all around the cave. The natives thing that they were thief ’s. But then Colombus and his crew  look at the dictionary to learn his language and to speak with them . Finally they where all friends.But Colombus saw a girl, he thing that is perfect, and finally they married in the island, all of them assist to the party. They danced a lot.

The vocaroo about the story:

Audio recording and upload >>

This is all I hope you like it.Bye,Bye.

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