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The final tag of Eanglish

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Hello my name is Marco and in this post I'm going to present the final tag of Eanglish

"Sea adventure hero’s memories"

First I going to present the"Marvel in the dep blue sea"

Secondly the"Watersport"  

The thirdly I insert the video about the vocaroo telling a history:

Voice Recorder >>

 Finally I insert the video and a history about Hernán Cortés:

The history is this:

One day Hernan Cortés was sailing in the year 1518, when he saw an island, Hernán goes to the island, he saw Indians. Secondly the Indies capture him. Then the Indies they was dancing around him. When there was the night, Hernan was escaped and he was returned into the boat and finally when Hernan was in the boat he decided the new name of the island “The island of Hernan” and he returned to her house.

The video in I'm telling the history:

Audio recording software >>

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