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Hello once again viewers and thank you for reading! I'd like to tell you about something i'm starting on Instagram! You 'like' our photos five times in a row I will screen shot it and thank you. Or a shout out whichever you prefer. Just thought it would be fun to start up a little something to get the 'likes' rolling in. Also to get our Instagram moving. It seems a little slow or still nowadays. But if you haven't started following us yet why don't you click this handy link and start!

Also today I thought you might like an update about me. I was running through a field yesterday, barefoot, and was having fun and noticed my foot hurting. I lift my foot look down and there's a half inch gash in my heel. I run to my house (more like hop) and luckily no stitches or staples needed. hooray. sadly it really hurts. Update on life. Get a thank you or shout out. Goodnight!

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rain.jpgHello once again, I am sorry I didn't post any blogs last week so these two are my makeups. I'd like to first say that the Instagram is doing good. I live in Bettendorf, Iowa and last week there were a few wild thunderstorms and my wifi went out one night. So I had to reset it and then it started acting weird. The four lights would all go on for one minute and be out the next. So I had to have my sister tell me when the lights were on and not on so I could post on Instagram. All to keep the followers happy. We here at Choose2matter love you guys. Unless you haven't started following, in which case you should click that link down there and start following us.

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Hello once again, my name is Dennis and this is some progress. I just finished a new video for a quest! Check the description for the blog post. The video I made previously is here. Go check them out!

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Just because the school years is over doesn't mean the Dream team is putting any less effort into what they do! Like a blue fish once said, "Just keep swimming!"

I posted last weeks report a little late due to communication issues but it's up so that's all that matter right? I checked my e-mail and documents and found out I'm the head of the Twitter account for Choose2Matter. So at the moment that's on the top of my list.

Getting the password out to the other people helping me with Twitter and coming up with a lot of posts. I plan on going rapid fire tomorrow. Sending out a Tweet every 2-3 hours. There's plenty to post about, I just have to be careful and make sure I'm not reposting the same content as the person who handled the Twitter before me and my little team.

I've also chosen to assist with Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. A nice handful of work to do.

So on my checklist tonight is:

  • Brainstorm (at least) 10 posts for Twitter
  • Contact people helping me with Twitter
  • Look into other social network opportunities
  • Come up with this weeks report

Then, I'll more or less go to bed. Depends on the amount of energy I have.

Keep on rocking it Dream team!

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Hello once again viewers! The Instagram thing is going well. We are getting more followers every week and yesterday I decided to start thanking people through pictures I posted on Instagram. You may want to check it out and see if I post you on there. So far I have only gotten five people up more are to come so don’t worry. You might still get posted I just have to check a few things and more people will be up soon!
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