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Tuesday 1st April 2014

Saint Luciia, is an amazing family place, and i am going there this easter. I am flying on the 6th and landing on the 21st.. I am so exsited, i can't wait!!! It is an all incluesive holidy, and my Grandad is paying for it all. I am going on the sunday, at 9:00am. It takes adout 4 or 5 hours to get there and we get tv's to watch on the plain.

It should be very hot there, and there is a lovly beach! I am going to pack on the satureday before i leave. I went shopping 3 or 4 timess, just to get the correct things for my fantasticly, exsiteing holiday. I am going with ALL my family, and they are really exsited too.

My auntie will go there BLACK, because she went to Indea for 9 weeks!She was ment to come back ages ago, but thaught it was so nice, that she would stay there for a while longer.

There are going to be kids clubs there, and my auntie will be looking after us because our Granny said that shehas got too much sun! There are different aged clubs, for diferent aged people. There is going to be a pool bar there, and ou can stay in the water, order your drinks, and drink where evere you want to.

Me and my family are so lucky to be able to go to this rather expencive place. There is a tropical rainforest there, because it is one of the tropical parts of an country.

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Hello and Welcome to my blog.Today im going to be blogging about my favourite game.

My favourite game is Minecraft as it is fun and ejoyable and always makes me always happy.

It is fun, enjoyable , educational in a way and creative.

did you know minecraft is educational as it can help people with disabilites  to improve there mind and be creative.

go here to get an play this Amazing game minecraft. :D :D

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At our school we have football club!!!!We have a football ciub because Atwood want children to have a chance to play and do what they enjoy.People who go there are really liking it cuase they get to be free.I like to go there because I can show my skills to my friends.People want to become who they admire,like admire David luiz he's one of the best defender on chelsea!my friend,harry surppots Liverpool and  he's favourite player is Luiz Suarez!



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Helo today I am going to show you all my favourite song top 3


2) minecraft  it's time parody

3 ) what does the fox say


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Today is the first of April. The first of April is well known as APRIL FOOLS DAY :) .

Everybody try to trick others in different ways like today my mum said it was snowing and I belived her. The younger you are the more you get tricked (unless you are extremly childish when you are 20).

Here is a great prank:

1) Eat a packet of yoghurt

2) Cut a hole at the bottom

3) Put the lid back on

4) Put your fiinger in

5) Ask some one to open it

6) I they don't take it of your hand ............................................ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


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