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We took part in the student blogging challenge milk chocolate M&Ms data gathering on week 5 . That was a very good idea! Kids got interested. They were really enthusiastic about counting the number of M&Ms in the 50 gram packet of milk chocolate and adding the numbers to the form.

In fact, we had 17 red, 9 yellow, 2 orange, 20 green, 4 brown and no blue sweets. So, my students supposed that was the green colour which would have the most. But now when we follow the current tallying on the spreadsheet, we realize that it's only a guess and not the absolute truth. We are looking forward to seeing the final results at the end of November.

As it was recommended, we used our M&Ms to create a pattern before eating them. Have a look at it:
















Not so impressive as the "Geometric M&Ms" but we did our best! And, of course, we wished we had had more packets. Maybe next time ...

P.S. Hope it was a helpful contribution :) .


  1. Miss W.
    Thank you very much for taking part in the M&M tallying. We have now had more students and classes taking part - I think some groups are behind in the challenges due to report writing and holidays.

    I hope you and your students are enjoying the activities.
    • Mrs. Flower (Olga) Mrs. Flower (Olga)
      Thank you for the comment Miss W! We do enjoy the activities we are taking part in. It's sometimes not so easy to keep up because our students have many subjects to study, final exams to get ready for, some special needs to satisfy, but they are doing their best.
      We are happy to communicate and collaborate! We are grateful to you for having such a possibility!
  2. Mickey
    You just made me hungry for M&Ms, but I don't know when I'm not, LOVE the blog
    • Mrs. Flower (Olga) Mrs. Flower (Olga)
      You are fun, Mickey! Thank you for your comment. Maybe you would like to make a contribution to the M&Ms international tallying too?
  3. Zaira
    I really like your blog I think it is really interesting . And I also like how you have your own blog because I think it would really help. But , that's not all I just really love how you did something that is interesting. And not like something that is boring and your kids would not like to count . Good job :)
    • Mrs. Flower (Olga) Mrs. Flower (Olga)
      Warmest redards from Moscow, Zaira!
      I quite agree with you about fascination and boredom. There is a question "If it is not interesting, why should I do it?" Just because it is necessary ... Not a very good reason!
      I wish you inspiration, creativity and liking in your challenges!
      See you.
  4. paul
    That's awesome that you did a project on m&m's! What a great idea!
    • Mrs. Flower (Olga) Mrs. Flower (Olga)
      Thank you, Paul! That was an idea suggested by Miss W.
      By the way, Paul, are you from the USA? I judge by the word "awesome" and your name. We have got the name Paul in Russia, too, but it sounds like "Pavel".
  5. Chloë
    Very cool! Sounds fun! Your blog is very colorful, creative, and bright! I love your avatar videos too! You can look at my blog too if you want! :
    • Mrs. Flower (Olga) Mrs. Flower (Olga)
      Thank you very much for your warm words, Chloë! I hope you are right about the colours and brightness of my blog. My purpose is to evoke positive emotions in visitors and let them know something interesting which maybe they didn't know before reading my posts.
      I'm the teacher in this class and I'd appreciate if someone praised my students as well!
      I'd really love to check out your blog as soon as I can. Will you wait for my comments, please?

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