Computers. Are they good, or bad?

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Computers are all around us. In this modern world, computers are present in almost every major building. But, are they the marvelous invention they seem to be?

Kids these days are spending more time online then ever. They seem to be having “fun” with their “friends”. But, chances are, they don’t even know how their “friends” are. In the online world, if two people meet in a game, they can play together as if they were best buds. This is not how friendship was meant to be. You are supposed to make eye-to-eye contact with your friends. Because, if you don’t, ┬áin a few centuries or less, people may not make eye-to-eye contact at all. This is not the way that we were made to go. We were meant to play real games with our friends and not sit inside all day on our XBoxes playing with our so-called “friends”.

Get outside, and play!



  1. Mr. Tompkins (Guest)

    Yes, getting outside is very important.. even for adults! As with all things in life, we must find a balance. I call it the Goldilocks Philosophy. Our use of technology must be “Just right?!”

    Mr. Tompkins
    from Maine
  2. cayton the cool guy (Mrs. Jubert's Fantastic First Graders)

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