What makes a teacher?

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Many of us know what teachers do. They teach kids a range of stuff. But, just because a teacher teaches well doesn’t mean that the teacher is a good teacher!

In my opinion, a good teacher needs to have three very important qualities. First of all, a teacher needs to be able to put situations into a student’s perspective. A teacher should be able to think “How would a student react to kid/teacher points?” or “Would my class enjoy this project?” ¬†or think similar thoughts. Sometimes, just putting something into a student’s eyes is the best way to solve it. Second, a teacher should be able to think ahead. You can’t plan a project if you don’t have enough time to do the project! A teacher should be able to think ahead and make a plan about what they will do each day in advance. Lastly, but certainly not least, a teacher should always ask “Why?”. Sometimes, teachers just assume that a student is not behaving without thinking about the condition. What if the student is having troubles at home so the student can’t get that homework assignment done. Or, what if the student is having a headache, so he can’t focus on his book. My one piece of advice is “Never assume a student is willingly misbehaving.”

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Post any Minecraft questions and I will answer them in my new weekly Saturday blog posts!

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  1. Mrs W. (Guest)
    Wow! You write well and I agree with everything you said on this subject. On another note, you should write a Minecraft book for teachers like me who realize Minecraft can be used as a learning tool but are not sure how to use it.
  2. Emily (Guest)
    Mrs. W, I think that’s a great idea! My teacher friends would love to read a book about how to use Minecraft and other games in the classroom. I also think you write well, Zach, and your points are very well thought-out.
  3. Juli (Guest)
    Hi Zach!
    I think your idea of a good teacher is “spot-on”. Have you had many good examples of this type of teacher in your life? I hope so!
    I especially like what you said about educators planning their instruction and assignments from a student point of view. In order to do well on a given project, teachers must consider how much time they would need and what would have interested them most at that stage of learning!
    Lastly, I want to congratulate you on the skill and detail you demonstrate in your writing. It is wonderful to see a young person express themselves so well when it comes to things they are passionate about! I will definitely be checking back on this blog to find out more about your adventures in school and with Minecraft.
    Juli :)
  4. Juli (Guest)
    These are also helpful tips for me to hear as a future elementary school teacher. I am currently in college learning from experienced teachers on how to run a classroom, but it is also important to get feedback and advice from those at the age I’ll be teaching! So thanks again!
    -Juli :)

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