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I think that art can help you express yourself and colors are a huge part of that. My favorite color is green. Most people think of green as if you were sick. I think of green as if it were nature so almost as if it flows like a breeze. My second favorite color is blue. I think of blue as kind of sad and down. My third favorite color is yellow. Yellow to me is if you were really happy maybe a little to happy. Don’t think that you can just use color in art you can use it in writing. For example, I am felling yellow today. What’s your favorite color and what is your interpretation of it. Please leave a comment and where your from.


  1. Jade B. (Guest)
    I also love green :) It is the best part of Spring when things begin to turn green. It is a sign of new life.

    Green is also the colour of my favourite team, the Saskatchewan Rough riders! I have a lot of green clothes and our kitchen is even painted green. For me, it is the best colour!
  2. Robyn (Guest)
    Hi Alex. My favourite colour is blue. I think that’s because where we live in New Zealand there are many beautiful beaches so we havethe blue sea and the blue sky. I have always been able to see the sea from house and i love it when it is very calm and the blue sky and the clouds are reflected in the sea.
  3. Ms M (Guest)
    My favorite color changes with the weather. If it’s cloudy and gray, like today, I like yellow best because it’s bright and cheerful and makes me feel happy. On a sunny day I like blue because it’s calm and cool and reminds me of water. When the ground is covered with snow (and it is for 6 months around here!) I like orange best because it’s more intense than yellow and reminds me of warmth and summer days.
  4. Bailey (Guest)
    My favorite color is orange. And I mean orange in the whole spectrum, from bright hunting orange to deep burnt orange. Bright orange says, “hey! Look at me!” And plain ol’ orange makes my sigh with content. And then there is dark orange; it warms me up. I feel luke they all have one thing in commin though. They are all very inviting. All of them ask that you pay some sort of respect to them because they mean to do nothing but to warn you, look out for you, and warm you.
    The driftless Coulee region of Wisconsin
  5. Ines (Guest)
    My favorite color is black – is this right, can I call BLACK a color? I remember my Art lessons years ago, my teacher told us that white and black aren’t really colors. But it doesn’t matter, I love black. For me it corresponds to darkness, warmth, solitude, a feeling of security. I guess it has got something which reminds me of a cave. You can dream, let your thoughts run wild – no stops, no boundaries. So, you can say, for me black means freedom.
  6. Ana (Guest)
    My favorite color is red. Because it feels good inside and rosy red make me feel comfortable and confident.It just clicks to me red then I start to get a boost.
    from ana
  7. Mrs.P (Guest)
    My favorite colors are orange, fuschia and turquoise. They are the colors of my favorite flowers, Gerbera Daisies. They are colors that brighten up a room and bring sunshine into the house during the cold Canadian winters. They also look beautiful in a garden among all the green.
  8. Todd (Guest)
    My favorite color is light blue. The baby blanket my grandmother made for me is light blue, and I still have it. My son also loves blue, dark blue, so that’s another reason blue is special to me.

    It’s interesting that you see blue as sad when it has always been a happy color for me. It’s funny how people “feel” colors differently.

    Connecticut teacher
  9. Sierrah (Ms. Plowman's Class)
    My favorite colors are: Pink, Purple, Blue and Red. I think of pink as a realy beautiful flower. For purple, it’s the smell of grapes. When I think about blue, I think of the beautiful blue sky. To me, red is the smell, taste and color of cherries. Do you draw?
  10. Gracie (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Alex,

    I also like the coloer green because it is the coloer of cash amd money.

  11. HN (Room 7's Learning Thoughts)
    purple is my favorite coulor from nathan

    my favourite coulor is

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