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I have a lot of great books that I have read and so it will be hard for me to pick a couple. I think that a great book for a 5th to 6th grade level would be Legend by Marie Lu. It is one of those books you just get sucked into. You kind of have to like sci-fi to like it. It has a bunch of twists and their isn’t a whole bunch of romance but just enough. Another good book that I am reading right now is the Testing. I am only a little ways in but so far it is pretty good. ┬áIt may be a little confusing at first but then you just have to read more and it makes more sense.What books to you recommend? Please leave a comment and a book title.


  1. Books you should read (Guest)
    The Wondla trilogy by Tony Diterlizzi are a fantastic read. An epic tale of a girl’s journey from being stuck in an underground bunker, to being a revolutionary leader.
  2. Amanda (Guest)
    Try Boss of The Pool by Robin Klein.
    Another favorite of mine is The Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo.
    Good luck with your reading!
    Recommendations from Australia
  3. Carol (Guest)
    Have you read The Phantom Tollbooth? It’s an amazing journey and I love the play on words throughout.

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