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What We Want in a Teacher

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I think that a teacher is one of thew most important jobs in the world. They are the ones that give you your education. Without education you can’t get a better job. Teacher are one of the biggest effect on how the next will learn and how smart they are. I think what makes a good teacher is that they have to be nice but not to nice to take advantage of. They can’y be very strict other wise the other students won’t want to learn. Teachers should always try to be interactive with the students. They need to have hands on projects. Something that teachers should never do is the opposite of hands on projects. What I am trying to say is that if you don’t do hands on projects your students get less involved. That doesn’t mean that you should always do them cause a lot of anything gets boring.


  1. Shelley Andros (Guest)
    Alex, favorite phrase, “a lot of anything gets boring” thank you for your suggestions about how we teachers need to teach and relate to our students! Happy summer!
  2. Mrs. S (Guest)
    I think you have hit the nail on head with your blogpost! Teachers do have to engage their students with a variety of projects and let them choose what to use to demonstrate their learning! Nicely done Alex!

    -A music teacher from Nebraska

    PS. I follow your teacher on Twitter-she’s doing amazing things with you guys!😄
  3. John Wick (Guest)
    Finding that balance between nice and strict can be difficult. I think some of the best teachers are both. What is never acceptable is to be mean. I hope you have many hands-on learning opportunities as you go through school… but not so many that you get bored with them!

    -John Wick
    Principal, Christ Cathedral Academy
    Diocese of Orange, Garden Grove California
  4. Victoria Harvey (Guest)
    Hi Alex!

    I love your insight on what you think a teacher should be. I am a college student at SUNY Fedonia and I am studying to become a teacher. I think your post is really helpful to not only me but my classmates as we are preparing to become teachers.

    I think another important feature of a good teacher is that they should be passionate about what they are teaching. If they don’t love what they are teaching, how are the students going to love learning about it?

    Have you had any teachers that you thought were really good and done the things you mentioned?

    Again, thank you for your post!

  5. Cole (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Alex,

    Teachers do have hard jobs because when they go home they have to make there lesson plans for the whole week so they don’t get a hole lot of time with there famileies.

  6. Mrs W. (Guest)
    What’s the job of students? I’m curious about what you think.
  7. Angye Perez (Guest)
    Thx Alex for the suggestions about what we want our teacher to be like.What will your next suggestoins be

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