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Dear Mrs.Ripp

Categories: Blog June 9, 2014 @ 9:02 AM 6 Comments      

Dear Mrs. Ripp,

Hi Mrs. Ripp and right now its been 10 years since I have been in your class and I wanted to tell you how I’ve been. Well first off I have graduated college because I took summer classes. I got my degree in helping kids with social skills. My dad also taught me computer programming and so i do that in my spare time.  So  right now I am going to Paris France because I decided that it would be a nice victory for passing college and because I haven’t found a job yet but soon will. I am so exited to be free and do what I want to do.

Now I want to tell you how my life has been. Well first  my family is great so far. My brothers still in high school and I visit him often and I have been making some good friends and I have been spending time with my family. I really was exited to go to places like Africa. I have had a wonderful life.

Now here is something I will always remember from 5th grade and that is all of the fun challenges and the fun projects and how you gave us a taste of freedom. I really loved all of that and I will remember that for a long time.

I hope your life is awesome,Bruno



  1. barbara singer (Guest)
    What a good kid Bruno is, you have done a great job
  2. Aunt Angie (Guest)
    Bruno – You did such an awesome job on this. We are very proud of you!!

    Love, Aunt Angie, Uncle Sam and Timmy
  3. Brad "Dad" (Guest)

    You are such an incredible person… you are destined for great things.
    I am the luckiest person in the world to call you my son.

    I’ve NEVER met a more genuine person. You always look for the good in people and believe “everyone should just get along”.

    I am so excited to watch you grow into a great man.
    We are so proud of you for staying true to yourself and for not letting the “bullies” get to you.

    • Jane k - a teacher (Guest)
      Bruno’s dad,

      What a great supportive father! All our students should have a man like you in their corner.

      jane k
      (a teacher)
  4. Gina Rutgens (Guest)
    Bruno, great job. I hope you see all those amazing places and more in your lifetime. You are one amazing boy. Wishing you nothing but great things.
  5. Aunt Lori (Guest)
    Hey Bruno, I haven’t seen you much since you moved away, but I enjoy seeing you on Facebook posts! I really enjoyed reading this blog & I hope all your dreams come true. Always dream big! Don’t listen to people who say you can’t do something amazing! Please let me know before you go to Africa…. I might want to tag along! I love YOU!

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