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technology, has it helped us or isolated us?

Categories: Blog May 27, 2014 @ 7:48 AM 2 Comments      

Hello everyone I’m back and today I want to tell you what I think of technology after watching Look Up. First off, I think that its both good and bad, hears why. The good part of technology is that you get to play fun video games. I also think that it helps us navigate where we are going and helps us to chat with family and friends across the globe. I think technology can help kids with special needs, like kids who can’t talk but with technology it helps kids talk to each other. It helps students look up things faster for homework.  The bad part about technology is that people use it in their cars and that’s bad and can cause an accident that can lead to death. Another reason is that we never go out to see people and stay cooped up and just play video games online. I wonder what your opinion is and why.My blogs are going to  end because the school year is almost over. :( Bye and I hope you have had a wonderful time this year. ( P.S if you comment please tell me were you are on the map, thanks.)


  1. Gabby (Guest)
    Bravo Bruno. I like totally agree
  2. Trevor K (Guest)
    Hello, I am from Franklin, Wisconsin. I think this is a great and true article. For example, a great part is when you said a negative is when people use their technology, and then get in accidents because of it. Can you please see my article if you have time? This is the link

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