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What the teachers do

Categories: Blog May 5, 2014 @ 7:57 AM 3 Comments      

Hello everyone and right know I am going to tell you about the teachers and what they do when there not at school. First to get things started I think that teachers do any other normal thing like taking care of the kids or doing bills and not planning for world domination.  Now another thing is  what are the good and bad things about teachers. The good things are that they do fun activities and give you a great education and their all unique. The bad thing is that teachers tell you to read a specific book or have no freedom but my teacher gives us freedom under a huge (as she says it) umbrella topic. So I think that teachers should give their students more freedom and make boring topics turn into fun activities. Such as  having them write a persuasive essay or showing them videos about the topic. I hope all of you teachers follow this so that your students will be more exited to go to school. I really like school as long as you make it fun and have amazing projects.  Bye and I hope your having a wonderful time in the last month or so of school.( p.s if you comment please tell me were you are on the map, thanks.)


  1. Ms. P (Guest)
    Hey, Sir Bruno! Students aren’t supposed to know about our plans for world domination. Who let that slip? You have to keep that a secret. Your teacher’s use of umbrella topics sounds like you enjoy it! What is your favorite book?
    I’m a teacher in Pittsburgh, PA.
  2. Scott (Guest)
    Hi Sir Bruno,
    No one was supposed to know about our secret plans, looks like I need to talk to Mrs. Ripp about keeping our plans secret! I, too, love it when I can choose the book that I want to read. It is never fun when a grown up tells you what to read!

    Thank you for sharing your post with me!

    Scott, a teacher in Georgia
  3. Mrs W. (Guest)
    We do plan for world dominion. We are recruiting students to help us. Are you interested in helping us? Teachers RULE.

    PS I am being funny.

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