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All teachers really do is be a supervisor giving directions then sending them off unless something happens then they have to get involved or just give directions or quiet them down. In my eyes what makes a teacher good or bad is their patience span, how much homework they give. how they explain things. and if they like to help, but dosen’t tolerate annoying people and just send them out into the hallway. Teachers should help kids and tell them to be quiet but teachers should always give 1 or 2 chances then kick them out of class or ┬ásend them to the principals office. They shouldn’t just say out to hall or principals for just doing one small annoying thing.


  1. Emily (Guest)
    I agree, Charles, that a teacher needs to have patience. That’s a very good point. Sometimes students have difficult things going on at home and need a little more attention and help with their work. You are very insightful. I hope the rest of your year goes well!
  2. Jesse- Vermont (Guest)
    I think that is a good idea Charles. I am with Emily on this that teachers need to have more patience

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