Look up not look it up.

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Technology. Does it really make a difference? Technology keeps getting bigger and bigger. I believe that technology is in our way to what our real life is like. Maps on phones are just the same thing as a map just that maps on phones make it so you can go to your home screen and play a game afterwords. Calenders on phones make it so you can put times in. My point is, technology is technology. Look up from your phone and get to the real thing that is happening. ┬áIn the video “Look Up” I think it really explains that if you don’t look up from your phone, your going to miss something important that will lead you to things that are unforgettable. So Look up from this blog and go out side and play with friends or go on a walk to the park with a sibling and meet someone new. What are you waiting for? Look up.


  1. Ellie (Guest)
    Hello My name is Ellie and I am 7th grader in Liberty. I agree that technology has improved in various ways. Looking away from anything electronic wise should happen more often. If you have anything electronic you should put a time limit and go outside. I recommend doing this.
    • Alli's spectacular blog
      I do too. Thanks! Do you have any electronics that you should look up from more often?
  2. Humairaa The Singer!!! (Mrs B's Class)
    Really good tips Alli :)
    • Alli's spectacular blog
      Thanks! What was your favorite part?

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