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I believe that teachers are a good teacher when they are funny. It is nice to have a joke once in a while when you are tired or board. I think no teachers should be mean or strict because then 1 you don’t want to go to school, 2 you don’t work as well because they just lecture you, and 3 you feel pressured to do everything when you don’t want to do anything. That really are the two things I look in teachers or even substitutes because I want to know if I want them to come back or just how I might act that day. Of course I act nice to all of the teachers but the teachers can change my mood. I just can’t show it on the outside if they are doing something I don’t especially like. I hope that you will comment! Thanks!


  1. John Wick (Guest)
    Hello Alli,

    You have a very mature understanding of behavior! You’re right, we should be funny and we should give our best so that you have the opportunity to learn. If we make the classroom a fun environment, then you will enjoy school.

    -John Wick
    Principal, Christ Cathedral Academy
    Diocese of Orange, Garden Grove California
  2. Mrs W. (Guest)
    You are practicing a Habit of Mind called self-regulation. That’s really hard to do. It’s as important a skill as reading, writing, and math.

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