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Hi! I’m here to tell you this weeks blogging challenge. It is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I would want to be  a professional football player for the New Orleans Saints. They are  my favorite team! My second favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, and my third favorite is The Seattle Sea Hawks.  The reason that I want to be a professional football player is the Saints quarterback Drew Brees inspired me. What would you want to be when you grow up? Please comment!

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  1. Miss Fitzgerald (Miss Fitzgerald's Class)
    My dad is a high school football coach, so I understand your love of football! Do you play in a league right now? Even though I am a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, I still think it would be fun to someday see your name as a Packer, Saint, or Seahawk! Good luck training! Keep working hard.

    Miss Fitzgerald
    4th Grade Teacher
  2. Landree (Miss Fitzgerald's Class)
    Football is awesome and I am a fan too I like the Hawkeyes but the greenbays are good also I also like the Iowa state cyclones and Alabama.

    4th grade student
  3. Jimmie (Miss Fitzgerald's Class)
    hi colin I want to work at mojang do you like MINECRAFT I Like the packers to if you want to find out more about MINECRAFT go to group
  4. Adam (Miss Fitzgerald's Class)
    I also want to be a professional foot ball player but I do not want to it for the New Orleans Saints
    quarterback I want to be the Green bay Packers quarterback because of Aaron Rodgers and his plays.

  5. Andrew (Guest)
    Dear Colin

    I love football so much. I always play with all friends. I root for the patriots( I live in MA) I’v like the Seahawks since 2010. I want to play WR and AJ Green inspired me. I also like the saints and drew brees and not a fan of Aaron Rodgers also not the packers. If you want to see my blogs go Mrs. Kellehers blog to learn about jerry rice AJ GREEN and etc.

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