What Has 5th Grade Done For Me

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Hi! I am here to tell you about what 5th grade has done for me. 5th grade has made me great at math. It has taught me things that I have never known. I have learned to make stories with story mountains. I have to give my credit to THE BEST teacher ever Mrs. Ripp.  I have learned a lot of things in fifth grade but the best part is to have fun. What has school done for you. Please leave a comment! See you next time., Colin


  1. Hank (The Braman Bunch - 5th Graders from Kentwood, MI)
    Is math your favorite thing in school.


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  2. Alex S (Mrs. Diestler's Classes)
    Fifth grade is a good grade to get prepared for sixth grade and, has made me better at…
    oh my that is a tough question that I asked myself but as I was saying before the grade is a good

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