Why School?

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Hi! This weeks blogging challenge is why do we have school? I think school is worth your time. You could do it on a computer but you are only supposed to get 2 hour a day of electronics.  I think school is your best choice for learning because if you were home schooled you would not have friends or anything like that.  My next one i’m answering  in what is the purpose of school today? The purpose of school today is to probebly be interactive with others and meet them face to face. That is it for this weeks blog! By!, Colin


  1. Ken (Guest)
    Hi, Colin! My name is Ken and I live in Maine. I saw Mrs. Ripp’s request to comment on blog entries. I like your idea about how important it is to interact face-to-face with people and that school is a good place to learn that. I did know a girl who was homeschooled, but she didn’t only learn at her house – she did community service and things like that, so she had lots of interaction with other people. What do you think about that?
  2. Juliette Online (Guest)
    Hi Colin, I loved your post about “Why school?” I think its really funny and interesting to read. I hope I can see more interesting facts about school or other stuff. Why do you do mini challenges?

    Juliette Online
    All Things Quebec

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